Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Update and a New Approach to Blogging

Hello all you blog readers, knitters, crocheters, and friends! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend and are ready to roll through the first full week of August. (Can you believe it is already August? Wow!) Whether it is the cooler than normal temperatures, just getting back from a conference, or just one of those "up" times in creativity I don't know, but last week I set out to map a plan for life. What does the plan include? All the fun stuff is on there (designing, releasing new patterns, making holiday gifts), all the not-so-fun stuff (paperwork, housework, doctor appointments), and the in-between (building, updating branding, etc). The list is VERY long, but VERY exciting. I can't wait to see all of it come together and to share it with you.

As part of this map I am also taking a new approach to blogging. As I sat knitting last week I was thinking about how to provide the most useful content via the blog. How can I help to build others love for knitting and crochet? How can I do this and provide customers pattern support for Brownie Knits? And...a zillion other questions. Then, it hit me to set up certain days of the week to provide you a spotlight on topics:

  • Quick Tip Tuesdays: Posts about different techniques, tips, and tricks. Have a question about how to complete a technique? Put in a comment and it will be featured in an upcoming QTT!
  • Brownie Knits Wednesdays: What's new with Brownie Knits, pattern support posts, and customer spotlights. This will be the place for me to share what is new with my business and we have LOTS planned over the next five months.
  • Favorite Fridays: Posts sharing anything "favorite" in the knitting, crochet, and book world. I love to see what products, techniques, and books other people love and I have a laundry list of my own favs.
  • Share Sundays: Project updates and fun knitting/crochet. What is on my needles and hooks?
Now, that isn't to say that the other days won't have a posting. I mean, I still have to share cute dog photos and random thoughts! Otherwise, I might begin carrying on even more conversations with myself. (Working at home can be rather isolating!) 

Now that I have you all filled in on the future of, I have to share our weekend outing adventure! My hubby gets off at 1 on Fridays in the summer, so we used this Friday afternoon to venture out in search of yarn for the yearly sweater I make him. (We had zero success because no LYS had much in the way of DK weight. Ugh. Online shopping I will a side rant note, don't you hate that? I really want to support local, but I find that sweater quantities are almost never stocked any more.) Anyway, there is a fun little toy store and cute kid clothing store next to the LYS. Over the years, we regularly pop into these shops. We have WAY too much fun in the toy store. And, yes, I will admit that we did end up buying some Christmas presents for one nephew and our niece. (I tend to buy for the kids all year long as I see unique things so that I have a MUCH lower chance of getting something that other people would find for them.) After our short shopping outing, we were starving and off to Brugge we went. If you live in the Indy area, you have to give it a shot. Patrick loves their beer and we both love the frites, mussels, and crepes. Even with my strange digestive system, I can find delicious foods on the menu. It was a nice and relaxed Friday afternoon/evening.

Saturday morning we ventured to the Indiana State Museum to see the Star Wars exhibit. Patrick is a huge fan and this was on our Summer Fun List. The exhibit is here until September 2nd and is great for fans of the series. They had lots of interactive stations set up for kids, too. (I would recommend it for kids of 5 and over. The younger set would be quickly bored unless they are REALLY into Star Wars already.) 

The model of the Millennium Falcon

How robots see a human is "seeing" Patrick in this photo. His outline was pretty accurate. Mine was a mess because it couldn't translate my hair!

Of course, I found the costumes very interesting. For the most part, all of them were a woven textile. 


The workmanship on this model was AMAZING! 

After walking around here we were ready for some eats, so off to Goose the Market we went. This is truly a little market full of amazing meats and produce. However, they also have a small menu of sandwiches. It is one of our favorite places in the Indy area. We always order two sandwiches with the intention of splitting them, but that never happens. After each taking a bite of both I usually have a favorite and I eat the bigger half of that one and Patrick gets the other half of it and the full second sandwich. They are just delicious!

The Goose - my fav (the one on the left)
The Farina

A lot of times, especially in the winter, I get all down on living in a land-locked state. I was reminded this weekend of the treasures we have discovered where we live. So, the next time I'm complaining about not finding anything to do I need to re-read this post!

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