Sunday, August 18, 2013

Share Sunday: Horse Show, Zoo, and Family Time

I know it is Share Sunday, but everything I knitted on this past week is still in secret mode! Yikes! So, I decided to update you on what we had going on last weekend. It was packed full of fun, family, and animals. It was a know that you had a good time when you need to lay around on Monday to recover!

On Friday I went to the Trader's Point Charity Horse Show with my good friend Tonya. She loves animals and invited me a long to this event to watch one of the Grand Prix. It was such a gorgeous day out and the setting was beautiful, as well.

We lucked out when we positioned ourselves right in front of one of the difficult passes where multiple jumps were close together. We also were right in front of the end jump. It was so interesting to learn how these were scored and to cheer on the riders and horses. The animals, of course, were so pretty.

The next day my brother, SIL, and nephew came up for a weekend visit. We played, hung out, ate in the rain, and took in a kid movie. The next day we all ventured out to the zoo. My nephew loves butterflies (b-flies, as he calls them) and the zoo is currently hosting a special butterfly exhibit.

Such a little cutie! I even managed to get that Duke hat off and got him to say "Go IU!" 

The boys in their caps...

Catching a ride on Uncle how he says Patrick's name right now.

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