Friday, August 23, 2013

Favorite Friday: Crochet Stitch

A few weeks back I blogged about my favorite knit stitch (moss) and decided to give crochet a post as well. It was a tight race between the popcorn stitch and the ripple/chevron stitch. Well, ripple won out. I just find it so addictive and I think the fact that it reminds me so much of waves and water gave it the extra edge.

One of the great things about this stitch is that you can do it over and over again and always get a different look by just changing up the yarns and colors you use. My Gram has only made chevron afghans for YEARS. I finally got why when I completed my table runner and Ripple Wave afghan earlier this year. And, btw, that afghan is the most used blanket in our home. It gets pulled in four different directions each and every night. Usually Riley or I win it!

If you want to give this stitch a go, I highly recommend using Attic24's Ripple instructions. She is amazing! What is your favorite crochet stitch?

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