Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Art Class: Geraniums....ummmm.....Mums?

This month's art class was another fun-filled morning. This time we took on the subject of geraniums in some pots and baskets. Well...they were supposed to be geraniums. Mine went a little more free-form and came out a bit more like mums. Despite that, I really enjoyed the process and sorta liked the end result.

Here is the instructors colorful and pretty piece... interpretation was WAY different this month.

One of the different techniques we learned this month was splattering. It is a little hard to see, but there are red/orange dots on the back of my painting. I didn't want to hog the area, so I only went light. I think I might add more splatter to mine down the line to give it an even more impressionist view. I think adding a fair amount more color to it would pop it up a bit. Certainly not my greatest work, but it was fun.

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