Thursday, July 18, 2013

Knit & Crochet Show 2013: Part I

Over the last few days I have been attending the Knit & Crochet Show held by CGOA and KGOA. I was super excited when I found out that this year it was being held in Indy. After reviewing all the offerings, it was time to select my classes:

  • Professional Development Day by CGOA
  • Magical Mosaic Crochet
  • Broomstick Flowers
  • Double Knitting
  • Aran Basic Cables and Traveling Stitches
  • Double Hook Crochet

Yesterday I attended the Professional Day and it was focused on proposals. How does a designer go about putting together a proposal for publishers to review? How can you get the best shot at getting your proposal accepted? What do you do if you get accepted? What if you don't? much more! I felt a bit like a spy given my 15+ years working for a publisher. It was excellent for me to look at it all from both viewpoints. I especially enjoyed the section on promoting your design business via social media. I walked out of the room after 9 hours with a long list of To Dos for Brownie Knits. 

As we were taking in all this fantastic information, we were crocheting afghan blocks for the charity Warm Up America. If you are a long-time blog reader, it will come as no surprise to you that I grabbed the red balls of yarn on the table and used those for my blocks. Here are my little Shell Stitch pieces. As I was making this, it took me back to when I first started crocheting again in adulthood. I sat on the couch and made scarf after scarf of shell stitch. So fun! It was a good feeling to be crafting for a good cause while being blessed enough to attend the conference. 

After the evening mixer, I headed upstairs for Magical Mosaic Crochet. Although I do knitting 75% of the time, I learned how to crochet first and always have at least one crochet project in the works. So, I decided that this conference would be my crochet-focused one. Unfortunately, I over committed this first day and had to leave early from this session due to a headache. BUT! I did finish the first swatch and plan to crochet up the other two this weekend. So, look for a future post on this technique. I think I just found my rug pattern that I've been wanting to do!

After a GREAT night of sleep (oh, thank God for sleep), I was up early the next morning for Broomstick Flowers with Jenny King. OMG! I have wanted to learn Broomstick Crochet for years. AND, you couldn't ask for better than Jenny. She is fabulous. If you get a chance to chat with her or take a class from her, do it. You know those people you meet who are just full of life? That's Jenny. We made these little square flower blocks and then joined them as we went. 

Check these out! The top one was the sample Jenny made in class. The middle one was my first try and it was using a ribbon yarn. The bottom one is four of the flowers I made out of a worsted merino. I'm loving the fun look of these. I came home all excited and laid them on my melon-colored couch to show my hubby. As I did this I realized that it looked awesome against the melon...might be an afghan!

Here is my flower in mid-crochet on the "broomstick". We used size 19mm knitting needles as our broomsticks. Not a straight needle knitter, I asked Patrick to pick up these at Michaels one night as he was running some other errands. When he came home and handed them to me, he had this look on his face that said, "What the heck are you going to do with these?" Too funny...

So, that's the wrap up of the first two days. I've walked away completely inspired and full of ideas so I need to get to work on designs! I also walked away with some new friends. Here are three ladies that I enjoyed spending time with and now will be stalking their blogs and designs. I thought I'd share so you can follow them, too!

  • Brenda Bourg, Crochet and Knit Designer
  • Woolly Wits Knits by Theresa Schabes, Hand Knitting Designer & Instructor; website & blog
  • Andee Graves, Designer, Writer, Artist, Teacher; Mamas2Hands

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