Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do You Love Science Fiction and/or Supporting Indie Authors?

While I spend my days knitting and crocheting and creating and designing, Patrick (DH) works VERY hard at his publishing career, teaching at a local college, and writing. He writes lots of poetry and has had them published in various locations and has a technology book for Nook users. However, after our oldest nephew got him all re-interested in science fiction again, he got back into writing sci-fi.

It has been so great watching his creative process and getting to read his novels and short stories. The majority of these writings are centered around Detective Dreksul Pierce and the planet Danos. If you love a good detective story or sci-fi novel, you can read the first novel, A Shattered Bull, by following this link to Wattpad. Please note that this is a rough draft, but you can get a good book to read for free and you can provide feedback directly to the author! Have a hand in building the world of Danos.


As the colony planet Danos struggles to survive the aftermath of an interstellar war, Inspector Dreksul Pierce pursues the killer of a notorious member of the corporatist government while confronting his wife's mysterious death and a society corrupted by its own desires. As Pierce investigates the murder of Hal “The Bull” Nye, whose body was reduced to ash, a mysterious message and a mythical piece of technology seem to hold the clues that will expose the killer. Black market technology, old friends with shady pasts, underground organizations, and an anonymous tip lead Pierce towards the murderer. As the machinery of investigation closes in on the Bull’s young girlfriend, Dreksul risks it all to save her and save his illusions of a society that believes in truth.

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