Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Catching Up: Summer 2013

I just realized this morning that I hadn't posted on the blog for 6 days! Yikes. That really snuck up on me. What have we been doing? Well, there has been a lot of knitting, reading, stress, and summer chores. A little photo shoot for some upcoming Brownie Knits events, lots of enjoying our extra green and well growing plants and garden due to all the rain we've had this summer, a trip to the lake with friends, a quick little family get together for the 4th, and (unfortunately) lots of migraines (also a result of the rain!) Although I failed to take photos at the get togethers, I did run out back and take some photos this morning to share with you.

Patrick is so patient with me during demo and product photos. I have such a difficult time describing to him how I want the product staged. Luckily, he has a good eye for these things and takes tons of options as I walk around trying to uncomfortably model.

Our berry bush out back is blooming...need to put a net over it this weekend to keep the birds from eating them up! Enjoying colorful daisies inside. 

One of our HUGE projects for the summer was to clean out the garage and organize everything that was left. Oh my...it was nuts. How we managed to park both SUVs in there with all the stuff is beyond me. We took out a total of SEVEN Jeep loads of stuff! Some went to Goodwill and lots went to community big trash day. Everything else that we kept has been organized, cleaned, and labeled. There is even room to walk around out there! And, I can get to anything I need. Now, to make sure it all stays that way. I will definitely be thinking through each item we purchase from now on. Where will it live in our home or will it be used up right away? Is there something we already have that we could use instead? That will be much easier now that we really do know what we have. I have to say this project left me satisfied, but exhausted. I'm thinking our summer chores are done in my book. 

Check out the garden! We put our garden in a little late due to our travels in May. It looks like a great crop of zucchini and cucumber is in our future.

The squash, watermelon, and cantaloupe is steadily growing along, too.

And, there are our feathered friends who have a new home (the orange bottle bird house) and bath in our back yard. We are up to six bird houses, one bird bath, and two feeding stations. They are keeping me so busy making sure everything is filled up. They are also keeping Kennedy busy chasing them. Oh how she hates them so... Then, she comes in to collapse and often uses the "What Fresh Hell Is This" pillow or her brother as a pillow!

These two totally make me giggle. Stay tuned to the blog for some actual knitting updates over the next week!

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