Friday, June 7, 2013

Vacation Recap IV: Everglades and Wetlands

When pressed for any activity we wanted to do in south FL, we quickly answered that an airboat ride sounded like fun. It was a little ify for a few days as it rained a lot the second week of vacation. But, we snuck out on a Thursday afternoon with Meg and little J in tow.

We raced along this water way...

I found these trees entrancing...

Might have to frame this one and use it for decor around Halloween!

A baby...

Then, we got SUPER close to this one. I was on the seat closest to her and J was on my lap. I was more than prepared to toss myself and his 4-year-old body across to the other side of the boat. My arms were securely holding his arms down so that he didn't reach out to pet our new friend!

I really found the Everglades to be really beautiful. Strange how things that are so dangerous are full of wonder and lush life.

The day before we got to explore some of the wetlands with the kids and Meg/Pete. As we got deeper into them, I had a horrible allergy attack. Not sure what was in there, but it didn't like me one bit. I followed along snapping photos of stylish little E and curious J and then headed back and checked out the butterflies.

Love these two photos...they show off the curiosity that these two possess.

I bought this little skirt for E at a craft fair last winter. I wish I still had the business card to get her more...guess I'll have to go to the fair again this year. :)

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