Monday, June 3, 2013

Vacation Recap III: Baseball, Comics, and the Worst Smell EVER!

One of the great things about traveling is doing things you don't normally do. One of the great things about being married to your best friend who has some of his own interests is that you get to exist in his world. These things led me to a baseball game and a comic book store. PK LOVES the Rays, so we try to get to a game when we are in the area. He is like a little kid when he gets in there. The excitement of a new baseball cap, pointing out different people, cheering on the team...such fun to be a part of those nights.

This kid totally photo bombed us! I had to show his mom after I saw it....too funny.

After leaving the Tampa area, we stayed with family in the Miami area and Patrick took our BIL and nephew J to a Marlins game. It was so cute how excited he was to take J to his first ever pro game. They spoiled him with a hat and cotton candy.

During the visit to southern Florida, we spent one day with extended family who are close in age to us and have a great deal in common. The commonalities include Patrick and John's love of comic books and all things super hero. So, off to Tate's Comics we went. The boys swear there was another girl in there...I think they were lying to make me feel better. (At one point the counter guy suggested that I might be more comfortable upstairs in the art gallery.) It really was like being in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Awkward interactions, LOADS of inventory of anything geek you can think of, and two grown men who were so engrossed in their shopping that they actually started to walk out the door without me!!!

While the boys were tracking down their figurines and comic books, I was checking out the Japanese candy wall. I thought, why not try out something different and bought a few bags. As we drove back to the apartment, the boys decided to swing by Starbucks for their coffee as I sat in the backseat trying out the various treats. There were yummy cookies, some yogurt candy, and a sweet fruity thing. That's when it happened...I opened the last bag of new goodies. OH MY GOSH! I've never ever smelled anything that vile in my life. I screamed and started gagging and it took only a few seconds before the guys were yelling, too. "Give it to me!"yelled John. I flung it his way and he was ready to fling it out the window when Patrick spotted a trash can. (It should be noted that the drive through lady witnessed all of this and I can only imagine what she thought happened in that car!) We later researched and found out that said candy is actually not allowed in public places overseas. One foodie described the smell as a combination of vomit and feces while another said it would be like kissing a dead woman. Yes, yes, it was that bad. But, it also made for one memorable car ride. We laughed until we cried. Should you be brave and stupid (like me), here is a link to the vile candy. And, here is info about the fruit from which it is made. I will NEVER forget that day.

We ended the day with some yummy crab and a funny picture. (Yes, we will leave the story there.)

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