Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Plans

My SIL had a framed list of things for her and the kids to do this summer. She always was busy putting together a basket of summer goodies. On the flight home, I started thinking about doing this for our little family, too. So, here is what I came up with for our 2013 Summer of Fun:

1. Play board and card games. We play lots of Sequence and Farkel. After playing Carcassonne in Florida, we got it for our home. I also grabbed this Italian Scopa card pack. (The dogs were sure it was for them.) We have already broken these new games open and are HOOKED! We have great fun yelling Scopa in a fake Italian accent!

2. Put together a puzzle.

3. Complete my Big Book of Puzzles, read lots of books, and watch some Netflix/DVDs I have on the list. (I'm in the middle of Justified and Smallville at the moment.)

4. Knit a Pop Spots shawl and a sweater as part of a knit-along with a friend.

5. Go to the area "beach" on the man-made lake. Maybe even rent a boat?

6. Go to the area pool.

7. Have lunch at Goose the Market.

8. Visit with family in southern IN.

9. Visit friends in Cincy.

10. Put together the adirondack chairs and sit and drink margaritas. (Already part there on this one...chairs together and paint in process. Just waiting on the good part to happen!)

11. Go to a Reds game.

12. Go to conferences for our passions...a knit/crochet one for me in July and a sci-fi one for PK in August.

13. Rock out at the Bruno Mars concert.

14. Host a BBQ.

15. Go to the movies to see all those super hero flicks Patrick so loves.

What is on your summer list of fun? (Of course, as adults I have a list of "work" to do, too. I much prefer the Fun list!)

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