Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Art Class

We were traveling in May so I wasn't able to attend the monthly water color class. I missed it SO much!  Then, when I went in for the June class, I was excited to see a colorful little flower study. Throughout school and many a meeting at my old job, I would doodle little flowers. Given that we had to draw this month's artwork from scratch, those doodles finally paid off.

I stayed pretty true to the original artwork by our teacher and didn't really vary my colors, either. I was somewhat unhappy with my little bee, but the rest I thought turned out great. (As always, especially when you see it across the room!)

It is living in a pretty little white frame on the mantel with our junk fairy and my grandma spider plant. Such a happy little piece. We drew it in pencil, outlined that in ink, and painted on the color with a mostly dry brush. I found that I really liked having the strong ink outline.

(On a side note, the grandma spider plant was one I planted from a tiny cutting off of my Grandma Klunk's plant. I brought the clipping home in a plastic cup from PA a few years ago. I'm so happy that it is doing so great. With any luck, it will have babies in the next year so that I can start some more plants off those. This plant really means a lot to me because Gram lives so far away and we only get to visit once a year.)


Acorn to Oak said...

Your water color is pretty! That's wonderful that you already have it framed and are enjoying it on your mantle! :-)

Margo said...

Gena, Your watercolors are turning out really nice! I just have a question when you say you draw them with pencil then ink........what kind of ink do you use before you paint them? Thinking I'm going to get the paints out again!

Brownie Knits said...

Thanks, ladies! The pen we used was a Micron...same one we use for signing our names. It dries really fast and has a very fine tip. This art piece was the first one where we applied the ink for the outline. For past months it was all sketch lightly in pencil and then those lines fad away beneath the water color paints. I enjoy how she has us do a little something different each month.