Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gardening 2013

Gardners we are not, but we try each year. We love flowers and plants and yummy fresh food. So, we try and keep some decent landscaping going on in the yard and some veggies and fruits in the garden. Having conquered the removal of the front porch bushes and planting loads of hostas, that area is doing relatively well. There is one spot that grows a nasty smelling weed each year. I am determined to beat it in 2013. Armed with weed killer, gloves, and two replacement hostas for the one the weed killed.

Vile weed...

Loads of hostas and a bright flip flop sign...

Instead of the normal hanging ferns, I decided to go with these boxes full of dahlias. We shall see how they do with the morning sun and then shade the rest of the day. I just love the shape of these flowers.

Out back, our yard is AMAZING compared to when we bought this house. We had ZERO trees and absolutely no landscaping back there at all. Heck, we hardly had any grass. We actually have some shade in the back yard now. Last year, I decided to stop trying to grow flowers around the maple tree. Every year I would plant them and every year they would burn right up. Having fallen in love with succulents in spring 2012, I put lots of chicks & hens in around the tree. Only one tiny section didn't survive. The rest are flourishing! So, I put in three replacement plants in the one section. I love that these plants come back every year and fuller and fuller. 100% what I wanted for this bed (i.e. 0% effort)!

This little side bed was all accidental. A tree started growing there, so we marked it off to allow it to sprout. I planted some red flowers and silver frosted plant years ago when we hosted a bridal shower in the back yard. Some made it and others didn't. Now that bed gets lots of shade so I decided to plant actual flowers there this year. It also stays really hot in the summer, though, so I went with begonias in two shades. It looks like an actual flower bed! I do want to get rid of all those bricks though!

Of course, I couldn't pass up gerber daisies as I love them so much. They are living on the back patio table.

A pretty flower on the back porch and my succulent tower is doing super well. It loves the back area and I've never had to do anything more than put the plants in the pot! My kind of plant.

Over the years, our deal has sort of become that I do the gardening in the decorative areas and Patrick manages the vegetable/fruit garden. So, while I was planting pretty things, he was planting our food. This year we went with watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, and carrots. I did take over one row for sunflowers as an experiment. In years past we always grew tomatoes and peppers, but I am no longer allowed to eat those.

We are trying out this screen thing this year. In theory, the cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe should vine up it. The vegetables that need more shade were planted under the screen.

When I stop and look around the back and think that we put in the grass, trees, plants, and flowers I can't believe it. Even with our limited abilities, we have been able to contribute a little to the earth. Of course, we get way more back by being able to enjoy sitting outside in the lush green.

Farmer Patrick...sadly, he had to take out our tree that didn't survive the drought and winter.

We also got around to putting together these chairs that we bought two years ago. Well, PK put them together and I painted them green. One before and one after shown here. We got them on clearance for $10 each! A little spray paint and oh so cute! Can't wait to sip some icy drinks in them this summer.

View of the front...see Riley looking out the door?

Kiki checking out the mulch...they so love to walk through anything dirt related.

Our reward after a long day of work...complete with a shell hot pad that we got on vacation.

We had to chop down the rose bush because the tree was shading it too much. The poor thing was having to grow really high to reach the sun. At least we get to enjoy these inside for the week. All in all, it is really nice to have most of the yard work complete. On a side note, we sprayed to keep the rabbits out of our yard after a Friday spent saving these little guys from our dogs.

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