Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anniversary: Silk & Linen

Every year PK and I try to honor the traditional anniversary gifts and typically set a pretty modest budget. This year was the 12th, which is silk and linen. Some of these can be really challenging to buy for a hubby! Luckily, my hubby is an old soul and more than a little geekie (which I love). Those two things made shopping a tad easier...and there is NOTHING like Etsy for unique anniversary gifts.

I went with some linen handkerchiefs with our initials and wedding date on them. He has such a kind heart and likes to take things like this with him on work trips. For the silk side of things, I got him a tie with the Apollo 15 controls printed on it. The total space buff, he loved it! I'm sure it will be a great conversation starter in future meetings.

I was super excited because my main gift from Patrick was one of the new Signature interchangeable kits in size US 7. I managed to misplace my size 7 Signatures late last year and they have yet to resurface. Now I have that length and three others covered!!! Woohoo!

But the far more important gift from my hubby poet was this poem that he wrote about our recent visit to Clearwater. Written about our evening picnic on my 40th birthday, he printed it on silk paper. How adorable and thoughtful!!!! I plan to frame it with some photos of that evening. I love that the paper is a bright and colorful yellow. I'm thinking it will live nicely in our red/yellow living room.

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