Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacation Recap II: Yarn Stuff

Despite the fact that our vacation was a hot and sunny one, I still had to fit some yarn time in there. In the evenings in the hotel room, I would unwind with some Daisy Wreath knitting. The day before we left for Florida, I received a lot of orders and queries. So, some simple garter stitch was perfect for unwinding and it was fulfilling some orders.

One of my favorite yarn shops is in Sarasota, Fl -- A Good Yarn. They have a great selection, everybody is always super nice and knowledgable, and they have an entire line of yarn that is dyed just for their shop. Their PurlDiver collection is based on photos taken in the Sarasota area and then various yarn dyers create a yarn colorway based on the photographs. They are BEAUTIFUL! I went in with a list, which included "GET SOMETHING UNIQUE." One of the colorways I wanted was out of stock, so that is on order and will have to wait for later this year. (Which is like a special little bonus months away!)

The Octopus Garden (pictured above) is from Three Irish Girls. It is screaming at me to knit into a shawl or a shrug.

The Sweet Georgia colorway is Starfish. Not sure what it grow up to be. It was just so pretty.

This blue is my favorite (Midnight Pass). I have sweater quantities from last year that will be knitted into a sweater in July as part of KAL. This sock weight version will become a Pop Spots Shawl.

When we arrived at my SIL's, I was welcomed with a birthday sign from the kids and this little gift of a yardage counter. It had been on my wishlist for a long time, so I was super excited. I've had it just over a week an used it twice already. It is a great little tool for checking yardage on scrap yarn when I am designing. I'm hoping it will help my pattern yardage be more exact.

While we were visiting family, Patrick and I snuck out during a rainy day to Raging Wool in Sunrise, FL. I found a good deal on some yarn to make for-purchase Beachbands and this skein of wool. Of course, it wasn't until I got home that I realized how alike this one and the Starfish are. The Frolicking yarn will most likely end up with some other teal yarns in a crocheted block blanket.

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