Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Flowers

While I was cleaning out the linen closet, PK was off running errands and getting groceries. As always in the spring, he brought home a few bundles of fresh flowers. I had lots of fun arranging them all throughout the house to keep everything light and bright. We are expecting family over later this week and it is always nice to have fresh flowers around to make the house inviting.

My favorite flowers in my favorite vase! This sits next to our tv so that you get a pop of color while you enjoy some mind-numbing goodness. (We are currently LOVING The Americans and Game of Thrones.)

I LOVE love LOVE this little vase. It is from a local pottery maker (Blue Moon Pottery) and has little metal sticks in it that you put the flowers onto. This will go in the guest bedroom or bath for our overnight guests to enjoy. (Okay, if you took a journey to her website, don't you just love the tomato teapot? We have several of her tea cups that have holders for the tea bags. They are great and come in left-handed versions, too.)

The kitchen table...

...and the dining room.

It's great that you can buy a few bundles for not much money and then divide them into various displays around the house. The "vase" on this dining room table is actually a brandy glass. It is fun to have the added interest of an abnormal flower container. Plus, I gave up trying to find my intended vase. Probably in the dreaded downstairs closet that is next on my de-clutter list!


Acorn to Oak said...

Your flowers are pretty. I especially like the flowers and vase in the top photo. So cute. Don't you just love how fun and happy it feels to bring fresh flowers into your home?! I was just out looking at my roses this morning and plan to fill some vases later today. Happy Spring!

Brownie Knits said...

I REALLY love that somebody else can grow them for me since my green thumb doesn't seem to translate to my yard! At least I can keep most of my indoor plants alive now. :)