Saturday, May 25, 2013

Knit and Bead Bracelet

Just before we left for vacation, I received a little birthday gift from a great friend. I was in the midst of a stressful week of getting everything ready for the trunk show, updating my Etsy store to the new digital download program (woohoo!!!!), and packing for vacation. I decided to string the beads on the yarn to center myself and relax. After the trunk show was mailed out, my reward was knitting this little bracelet up. A fast and cute project that you can wear in the summer when your other knits are tucked away.

The kit is the Beaded Elegance Bracelet by Beth Todd. It came with the yarn, beads, clasp, pattern, and the threader for the beads. I have a fairly small wrist, but I still knitted to the 5 inches instructed.

There was plenty left over if you wanted to make it longer.

 Isn't it fun? I love that it is pretty but understated. The total knitting time was about an hour...took me about that long to thread all the beads first! A fun, fast, and functional little knit. 

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