Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Can SEE, I Can SEE

When you start to read more and more, you start realize how much you need to see the eye doctor. It had been a few years and I started to notice myself doing the "middle age" moving of the book to the "right" distance to see it. Off I went to see Dr. Hemingway fully prepared to get new glasses. Sure enough, my good eye had started to need help now, too. After learning that if my eyes get worse after this prescription I will be in bifocal territory, I was pleased that we aren't there just yet!

So here I am with my new reading glasses. Now, to make myself wear them and not just blow up the font on the tablet to super large. If you live in the Indy area, Indy Eyes is a great location. They carry an awesome collection of designer frames at reasonable prices and the staff is always really kind. Like the frames? They are Kate Spade and are great if you have a kid-sized head. (I'm not joking either. My frames from several years back were child frames. If only my waistline matched!)

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