Friday, May 3, 2013

Do You Blog Stalk?

I admit it...I'm a blog stalker! If you are stopping by here often, I hope that you are stalking Brownie Knits. :) What other blogs do you obsessively follow? Are you waiting for them to update so that you can get inspiration and checking in on somebody else's life to learn something to better your own? I, of course, follow blogs from family and friends (hi Meg and Patrick!) But, I also have three that are absolutely obsessions:

  • Attic24
    I am in love with all the crochet goodness that Lucy creates. Her home is lovely and the trips she takes with her family are amazing. Her pictures are amazing, her projects are inspirational, and her writing is spot on. She has a HUGE following and deserves it! I really feel like this blog gave me permission to decorate my home the way I wanted. I don't have to follow all the manufactured and run-of-the-mill decorations that abound in so many US homes. I found a way to express my artistry without it being childish or grandmotherly. For this confidence, I credit Attic24.
  • Refashionista
    This is a recent find that I stumbled upon during a Pinterest excursion. Now, we all know that my sewing skills are woefully bad and that I SO wish they were good. That probably plays into part of my obsession with this blog. The things that she can do with a $1 used garment and a sewing machine are crazy amazing! Her tag is that she will change the way you think about fashion and she is 100% right. Run over to check it out and read and read and read her years worth of posts. So far I've taken a few tops that were too big and seamed up the sleeve gaps a bit and added a brooch to cross over the front. Tada! Two tops that didn't fit will now get some wear time and I get to use my brooches in a new way.
  • A Knitter's Life
    Okay, so full disclosure that Christina is a good friend. BUT, I still love her blog and gain so much inspiration from her creativity. Between her blog, links to her families blogs, and emails about our thoughts on current trends, patterns, yarns, and books/shows, she keeps me connected to reality when I could otherwise become lost in my yarn closet! And, much like my friend Carol, I often discover from a post on A Knitter's Life that we (unknown to each other) started similar projects. Great minds and all that!
I hope that you might join me in following these talented ladies. Do you have any blogs that you think the rest of us MUST start tracking daily? Share in the comments!

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