Friday, April 5, 2013

Where Did You Go?!?

I'm BACK! I know it seems like I disappeared for a bit. Well, I wasn't feeling well for a long, long, LONG time. There were so many steps along the way, not the least of which involved finally having the guts to leave my doctor and some horrible side effects from meds that were supposed to help.

I won't dwell on it all too much, but I will say that if you are seeing a health care professional who you are not happy with, make a change TODAY! My final straw was when I asked my doctor to look at me to see where I was pointing to the location of the pain. She didn't turn around and told me she could only do one thing at a time and right now that was working on the computer. WTF? I don't know how I didn't jump off the table right then. It was a bit like in a tv show where the character imagines how and what they really want to say, including tossing said computer out into the packed lobby and telling all the other patients to run! If only...instead, I let one of her unqualified nurses take some blood work. I kid you note, I had a bruise that you couldn't cover with a dollar bill that didn't heal for three weeks. The list of things I put up with over the years is horrible and I never realized how bad until I went to my new doctor's office. Talk about night and day. After one visit, she remembered my name and Patrick's and was so smart. I was blown away by her compassion and intelligence and by the kindness and organization of her entire staff.

Okay, off my soap box now. So, I did knit during the 9 weeks of hell, but I also watched lots of tv and read many a book. My knitting consisted of two projects, but one of them is a secret so I can only share the story of the "walking quilt" sweater. Years ago at Stitches Midwest I came across this block sweater that was amazing. I fell in love with it right away and used up almost my entire market budget that year on the one kit. I swore I would start it right away. Yep...I wound several balls of yarn that night and then put it all away when I got home. When I was going through my cotton yarn bin, I found the kit again and thought I should knit that up to wear this spring and summer.

First, let me say that I loved making this sweater. It was so much fun to make with all the different yarns and squares. The construction for the seams was all knitted, which made it more interesting to do. I didn't really even mind the hundreds of ends to weave in because I watched a good movie to pass that time. BUT...the entire time I was knitting this sweater I was unsure about my taste level when I bought the kit. It looks a bit like a quilt and I wasn't sure then (or now) whether I could see myself wearing it. I have it on today and still can't decide what I think! (But I does make me think about the hours and hours of watching basketball with PK while I knitted it. I love a good memory to accompany my knits.)

The colors are so great...reminds me of the beach. The yarn is yummy...Twisted Sister Mirage. It feels great against the skin and knitted up so well. I adjusted the colors used on the front bands and the wrists to use the colors I liked the most. I mis-read the instructions for the blocks on the arms, so I shortened the wrist area to compensate. Everything else was knitted to pattern (Tai Chi) on a US 5.

This pattern used up about 2000 yards of yarn (hard to know exact because there are some leftovers that I plan to crochet into a ripple throw for our bedroom). That brings my total stash used yardage for 2013 to 7013. Not bad!

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