Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I am odd. I like to clean and spruce up. In college and after I was often compared to the Monica character on Friends (both good and bad). And, just like Monica, I'm terrible when it comes to closets. They are my downfall. When there isn't room for all the neat and pretty to be seen, into an already too full closet it goes. In our house there are three main closet areas of concern...the linen closet, the yarn closet, and the downstairs storage closet. So, this past weekend I set out to tackle the linen closet and shampoo the carpets.

This was the horrible nightmare...I'm SO ashamed.

This is the more shame!

I took out one garbage bag of trash and two HUGE bags of donations for Goodwill. So much of what was in there were linens that fit our old bed. Those are all gone and and human and dog towels are all organized. There is even extra room to move in all the knitted/crocheted afghans I've been making. I PROMISE to keep this area clean and organized from here on out. I was even able to put my art stuff on the top shelf and keep our scrapbooks nicely stacked and out of the way. Of course, I had to pause and flip through all the the memories while I cleaned. My MIL put together a scrapbook from our wedding and it was so much fun to remember all of the planning and the weekend. But, I also came across these pages that she put together when she used to pet sit Riley for us. He was very much a Grandma's dog. (You still cannot say Grandma or ham without him running toward the door.) Aren't the pages so cute?

Each page had pictures of Riley during his stay...waiting for us at the window, guarding Grandma's slippers, etc. So cute. I wish I had her scrapbooking talents. I have a half started dog one and one from our London trip that I need to finish sometime. 

One of the unexpected finds hidden in the clutter were three round pillows that don't match anything in our house. I took off the outside coverings and donated them and kept the pillow forms. I plan to crochet covers for them and use them in our master bedroom. Woohoo! An unexpected craft project for the summer that will upcycle something we no longer used. 

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