Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ripple Waves

One of the themes that has been rolling around our house this year is using up what we have and getting rid of stuff we don't need. I've never been one to have clutter around, but you still accumulate lots of stuff. So, I've been using up all the various hair products I've collected. No more buying new until the old stuff is gone. I went through all of our clothes and got rid of bags of stuff (and rewashed and folded everything in the drawers so we can see what we have). Patrick even got in on the thinning out by going through his book library.

As you can guess, one BIG area for me to clean out is my yarn stash. If you follow the blog, you know that I've used up over 7,000 yards of stash yarn so far in 2013. After I finished my Twisted Sister sweater, I had this little bag of leftovers. It was so pretty and I couldn't bring myself to just toss it out. I put it aside and pulled out a bag of some organic cotton to make a towel and baby blanket. Long story short, the intended patterns sold with the yarn were AWFUL! (Note to self that when the yarn employee tells you to go to your zen place when working on the pattern, don't buy it.) So here I was with this lovely organic cotton and leftover blues. It hit me! A crocheted ripple afghan for our bedroom. The yarns match perfectly and I was longing to do more ripple stitch after finishing the spring ripple table runner.

In addition to the sweater leftovers and organic cotton, I went to the yarn shelf in the guest room and pulled out some other blues/creams/browns. It is going to pretty a very large afghan...wide enough for two adults and two dogs and the length of a king size bed. All of the yarn is fingering, sport, or DK weight and I am using a size US G hook. I'm following the wonderful Attic24's Neat Ripple pattern. I find myself saying just two more rows (which equals one color). The pattern is an easy one to remember and you just move along your merry way. I'm loving that it looks like waves at the beach!

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