Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Water Color Class

I was SO happy that I felt well enough to venture out to April water color class. The subject matter was right on target for the day given that it was 72 in the morning and turned to heavy rain, thunderstorms, and tornados that afternoon. This month we learned how to add some texture and interest to the paintings with salt and an x-acto knife. I'm really happy with the end result...

My pictures don't show the true depth of the painting. It looks really cute across the room. :)

We painted the bottom portion and then layered it with table salt. You let the salt pull the paint up from the paper. Some people got a great star effect. I think I put too much salt in one spot to get the definition that they did. But, it really does give you the look of water puddles on a road. How cool!?! I had no idea that you could do this to paint.

We carved the paper with the x-acto knife to get rain drops falling down. It really gave the painting a finished look. It adds a lot of movement to the scene. I think I'm ready to invest in my own little painting kit so that I can do some at home when I can't make class. Who knows what I'll create on my own without the teacher's guidance!

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