Friday, April 19, 2013

An Exciting Sunday Surprise

Last Sunday I woke up in the middle of the night, well morning really, at 4 am. I couldn't seem to fall back to sleep, so I elected to read the web and my book until my eyes got tired again. Around 4:45 I noticed my email inbox filling up with notifications. Fearing that something bad had happened, I clicked over and noticed they were all about my Flowers of Spring Hat pattern on Thinking that maybe a knitting group overseas was going to knit it up as a KAL, I smiled, closed my email, and went back to my book. Eventually, I fell back to sleep for a bit...until my little dog wouldn't stop licking my head and I realize that my phone is buzzing. (She is an easily disturbed dog in the early morning and, unfortunately for me, she considers that mommy time.) I clicked onto the Craftsy site to see what was up and about fell out of the bed when I realized that my pattern was #4 on the Trending Knitting list!!!!

Then, as the day went on it moved up to #1!!!! I was so happy that I kept checking it all day long. Such a nerd, I know. Because it was in the first spot, my designer profile was the Featured Designer (see it on the right)? And, at a glimpse in time, the pattern was also a featured pattern. It was a great way to spend a quiet Sunday. Thanks to all of you who grabbed a copy that day (or before or after). I hope that if you stopped by the blog on Sunday that you will continue to check in with us and follow along for the Brownie Knits ride.

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