Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Table Runner

Despite the fact that the calendar says March and last year we already had temperatures in the 60s and 70s, this year we are still having snow and below normal temps. It has left me desperately craving warm weather and life and bright light. If you have been following the blog, you can already tell I've been trying to combat this with my choice in projects. My next crochet project kept that trend going! Meet the ripple table runner...

I went to the craft closet and pulled out lots of semi-matching skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic yarns. Armed with a US H crochet hook (that sort of matched the yarn!), I set out to make a ripple table runner full of color. The plan was to attach flowers and put on a green border, but I didn't like the green border and I also liked the idea of leaving the flowers unattached to move around the table. I think it will bring some fresh air and sunshine to the dining room. I'm using the ripple pattern from Attic 24 (isn't she AWESOME?!?). My foundation chain has 59 stitches. This thing was SO addictive. I had to make myself put it down the first night to get some sleep.

Did you know that March is Crocheting Month? Given how fast this project worked up, I'll need to find another crochet project to keep me busy!

The Diasy flowers are a Brownie Knits pattern that will be released soon (along with a Daisy Wreath pattern). These single Daisy flowers are lifted off the table, so they will work well to rest dishes on them and protect the table.

And I just love these little salt and pepper shakers with all the bright colors. They fit perfectly in the scheme. I plan to create a "grid" on the bowl with masking tape and put a flower arrangement in it. (That is a demo I saw pinned on Pinterest that I thoughts was super clever!)

This project used up 750 yards of stash yarn. Taking into account the new pattern projects that also used up stash yarn, I am up to a total stash yarn used in 2013 of 5,013 yards. Not bad...just over 2.75 miles of yarn.

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