Friday, March 1, 2013

Knitted IU Bunting

This basketball season has been so much fun for us. Always a Hoosier fan, this IU alum has been enjoying the ups and downs of being ranked. Patrick, well, he has officially been converted to cheering for the cream and crimson. But, we have also been watching all sorts of teams. Many weeks we have watched a game a night and spend most of Sunday going from game to game with the remote.

What does this have to do with knitting? Well, after I made my IU-inspired Kitchen Sink Blanket, I looked at my little bag of scrap yarn and wondered what else I could do to use up those last bits. A bunting was the solution. I looked around for a pattern, thought about doing my own thing, and then remembered that Christina had a free bunting pattern. Woohoo! Off I went to her blog link, which can found here.

Now, I tossed it up just to take a few pictures for the blog. However, I plan to use it across the top of the entryway from our front room to the family room. (I hope to get a total and better picture at that time.) It will go up in a few weeks for the Big 10 tourney and the NCAA tournament.

I knitted mine on US 7 needles and crocheted the connecting chain with a US H hook. All of the yarn is scrap so I don't really have any idea on the yardage. I suppose next year, I can hang it up for Valentine's day, too!

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