Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Idea Share

This year we kept Valentine's Day low key. We skipped the gifts and just went with some super funny cards and take-out Chinese food. It was sort of nice not to have the stress of it all. Of course, Patrick still spoiled me with some beautiful red roses that are still brightening our household.

I wanted to do something a little different for the nephews and niece this year. I remembered seeing a Pinterest link where a lady sent balloons stuffed with money to her nephew. Our twist on it was to stuff them with hot wheels and princess dolls. (Our oldest nephew benefited from my not wanting to be the silly aunt, so he got the first of many "money cards" he is sure to receive and spend as he wants.)

That's right, these little dolls (and bunches of hot wheels) made their way into those balloons. The key is to really stretch out the opening and pull it over the toy. These particular dolls were very easy to insert because the dresses are a soft bendable plastic.

See...she is inside there and then you just blow it up like normal. When the kids open the box, they get a box of balloons to play with and then pop to get the prize inside. I even filled some with candy. Now...what to do for Easter...

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