Sunday, February 17, 2013

IU Afghan

As I was knitting samples of my designs, I was quietly plotting the yarns I wanted to use for a new Kitchen Sink Blanket sample. The original afghan was designed to:

  • Use a variety of yarns
  • Use up stash yarn and leftover partial skeins
  • Keep the knitters attention by constantly changing to different stitch patterns
  • Allow for lots of creativity
  • Result in a functional "fluffy" afghan
As you might imagine if you have followed the blog for very long, I had lots of red and cream/white yarns. I've always loved red and then I went to IU and that just fed the use of red in my wardrobe. So, out came the size 11 circular needles and bunches of partial yarn balls. The result is my IU-themed afghan that will see many basketball games on our couch.

You can purchase a copy of the pattern from our Brownie Knits shop on Etsy, Ravelry, and Craftsy. This project used up an estimated 1600 yards, which brings the 2013 total to 3204.

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