Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Come on Spring!!!!

I have spring fever. It is still freezing outside and we are expecting more snow and the ever-mysterious "winter mix" later this week. But, I am SUPER ready for spring and all of the treasures it can hold. Everything coming back to full life (including me!) and all the gorgeous colors that the blooming flowers have to share. Alas, even if we wish it here, it doesn't come as fast as we would like. So, what is a crafter to do? Make some inside spring, of course.

I pulled out the pom pom tree and made these out of some stash yarn. Not normal flower colors, but they are bright and fun. Need to knit up some stems and then I can share the final result!

And this will be part of a new design coming from Brownie Knits this spring! Isn't the green lovely? Miss Babs in color Lettuce. A perfect background for some flowery goodness.

I need to knit up some baby shower gifts so I see some flowers in a little one's future. How are you brightening up your home interior for spring?

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