Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goal for 2013

Yes, I know. I am one of those people that sits down every January 1st to decide what to work on over the next 12 months. Is it some arbitrary date that we all set to do this task? Yeah, sure. But, if it motivates you to accomplish even one small thing you want to do in your life, I'm all for it! Over the years, I have tried to learn not to fret over the weight thing as much. Don't get me wrong, I still have it as a goal and it takes up lots of my energy, but there is SO much more I want to be and do than worry about my size.

1. Work on and finish up scanning in all the old photos. So nice to be able to load up tons of photos to the electronic frames or your desktop display and see them more than once a year when you take out the photo album.

2. In 2012 I designed and released 4 new knitting patterns and 1 crochet pattern. I would like to match those stats in 2013 and (this is a big one) work on patterns for a knitting book I have in my head. Maybe, someday, I could have enough of it mapped out to pitch the book to a publisher and get it out to the world.

3. Keep using up that stash yarn! To help aid in this project, the beekeeper's quilt and my crocheted granny square afghan should knock out lots of the fingering weight yarns. I would also LOVE to create a Brownie Knits design that uses up leftovers from other projects of any yarn weight. Hmmmm...perhaps one of those new designs?

4. Do things that make me happy...we spend so much of our lives worrying over things. During the last three years, I feel like I've transformed my life a lot to focus on the happy. Life has totally changed because I got fed up and took control. The key, for me, is to stay constantly aware of negative influences and just cut them off or (at least) put them as a low priority.

5. Try new crafts and activities...even if I am not good at the task but enjoy it. In 2012, I started taking water color art classes. Am I good, imo? Not at all, but I love the escape, the challenge, and the learning. I've signed up for more water color classes and an acrylic art class in January. Searching for an embroidery class so that I can do that lovely sampler I bought back in 2011. Not to mention that the Knit and Crochet Show is in Indy this summer. Woohoo!!! A local to me knitting conference!

6. Continue working on the weight/exercise/eating/health goals. Sign up for and complete at least 2 5K walks in 2013. Also, work on loving the body I'm currently in and taking care of myself. Remembering that life is too short to feel so down over looks. This is not an easy one for me, but I don't really think it is for most people.

Hope you have a happy 2013 full of all the things you love! Happy New Year!

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