Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deep Water Sweater

Just under the wire for 2012, I finished up my Deep Water sweater. This sweater was made from stash yarn that was in the Plymouth eco line years ago. I made an Ingenue sweater out of the brown and bought a bunch of the gray to knit something. When I saw this pattern on the booklet cover, I knew exactly what stash yarn I wanted to use. It is a fantastic yarn that knits up great and wears well. It is an alpaca and silk blend in a worsted weight. (I can even say that Ingenue accidentally got put through the wash with the normal darks and came out fine, although I don't recommend this adventure!)

Sorry for the sun spots, but it was REALLY bright that day with all the snow and we could barely see to take the photos. I debated for a long time on whether to make full length sleeves or not because I knew how warm the yarn would be. I ended up going full length after trying it on with a three-quarter sleeve. It looked odd and really needed the length. I did, however, modify the sleeves a bit. I picked up two more stitches under each arm than in the pattern and I did ZERO decreases. This created a less fitted sleeve with a bit of a bell cuff. So happy I did this to get the extra room and movement. I also custom knitted them to my short arm length.

Yarn: Plymouth Earth Mainland
Needle: US 7
Pattern: Deep Water by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (in her book Deep Water)
Notions: Two black leather buttons on the outside and a clear button on the inside.

I think this sweater will be worn on super cold days and nights and with a top under it that can become the featured attraction if necessary! A great project that used up about 1300 yards of yarn.

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