Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

This past weekend we had our final Christmas celebration. All the gifts have now been exchanged and the decorations put away. Time to share some fun photos of the kids!

Christmas #1 was with nephew A. I didn't do a great job of photos that day, but I did get this one of the stocking goodies. I can't believe he is already 9! During Christmas #4, we sat and watched the IU game together and talked some basketball. It was so cool to be able to hang out and chat with him. He is such a respectful young man and is so very thoughtful. He's come a long way since opening presents a tiny paper at a time and jumping on the box!

Christmas #2 was with nephew R. Here he is with Santa's postcard telling him that he made the Nice list. Although still a little young to comprehend the postcard, he showed a lot of interest in it when we said Santa!

Okay, so these two pictures aren't of the nephews and niece, but I thought I'd share them as they are two of my favorite photos from the day. Catching my brother in mid-chuckle at his son and Hank giving Patrick an expressive doggie look.

Christmas #4 (yes, I skipped #3 because that was already posted earlier) was with nephew J and niece E. J is very serious when opening gifts. Such a concentrated face! And, I think he is teaching his sister...

All of the boys received non-knitted gifts this year, for the most part. J received board games from us and I thought I'd share because they were so cute and different. They were the Wiggly Cow and the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game.

E received her farm that I knitted this past summer. It was worth all the pieces and time to watch her grab each animal out of the box and stocking and carry them around. She was pretty convinced for a long time that the cow was a puppy. In the end, we got her to moo.

She had her own ideas about how to play with her gifts...surfing them and using the barn as a chair!

My favorite photo of the day! She just looks so adorable here.

Then she ran over to Hulk and made him smash...for a brief moment I thought she might put him in the barn. From a knitting standpoint, I found the Spud and Chloe farm to be a satisfying gift to make and give. Hopefully, E and J will get hours of enjoyment out of it. If you are looking for a project to knit up for the kids in your life, I highly recommend it. From talking to other knitters and in my own experience, kids really really love the hand-knitted animals. Our working theory is that it looks different to them and maybe that makes them more interesting.

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