Monday, December 17, 2012

Yarnie Holiday Party

Every few weeks a few knitter friends get together on Tuesday nights to knit and get away from life for a few hours. I treasure these nights SO much because of the friendship and the chance to talk all things yarn and knitting/crocheting. I decided for our December knit to have the girls up to the house for some good eats, knitting, and a little stash exchange. I so enjoy planning small events (large groups stress me out big time) and I went to work on the menu and such.

As I told the ladies, I don't break out the china and crystal for just anybody! HA! 
It was fun to be all fancy for the evening.

Aren't these napkins so pretty? They were a gift for our wedding from a co-worker/friend and he got them on a trip to Belgium. I felt all Downton Abbey..."downstairs" while I set it up and cleaned it up and "upstairs" while we enjoyed it all! (Given my addiction to cleaning, I would have most definitely have been a "downstairs" in a past life!)

Our Menu:
Baked Brie with Raspberry Red Pepper Jelly
(served with Gluten Free Savory Rice Crackers)
Lettuce Wedge Blue Cheese Salad
Butternut Squash Soup
Creme Brulee garnished with Blackberries
French Lick Blackberry Wine

I didn't really get good pictures of our food, but I did take a few of the soup during prep. I used the Oakley's Butternut Squash recipe that you can find here. Oakley's Bistro is a local restaurant in Indianapolis. If you are ever in the area and want a very special meal, it is SO good. To find his recipe online was a treasure. I made it the day before to make sure it turned out and I had time for a back up. (As I mentioned after dinner, "I don't often cook well!") IT WAS AMAZING! There is a fair amount of prep work so I would suggest making it the day before. I served it and added a touch of cream and maple syrup table side. Oh la la! It is also a great recipe for vegetarian or gluten-free eaters. (Actually, our entire meal fit that bill.)

Christina got a few photos of us knitting and hanging out, but I totally spaced it by that point! I think they all figured out why I knit and crochet so many blankets...because we keep the house so cold. Everybody got to cuddle up in their own afghan. (As a point of explanation, I am both cheap and our upstairs is boiling if we keep the downstairs warm.) 

We enjoyed a little bit of The Voice while knitting and chatting and then did a little yarnie swap. The plan was to swap from your stash. We'll just say that we don't all follow direction to a T! :) It was a fun little exchange and to make it random, we swapped in order of arrival. I ended up receiving from Christina and boy was I lucky! She is such a good crafter and SO inventive.

A LOVELY skein of Madelinetosh that will most likely go into another crocheted granny square blanket I have planned.  Sheep cards from her mom's shop you can find here. (I had looked at these the day before to order them!) A felted handmade tree ornament (Isn't that cute? She is constantly creating pillows, mittens, etc with felted wool. I love the way her mind sees the world.) Stitch markers with little crocheted sections and an attached bead. These were also handmade and she put them in a gift-wrapped matchbox. How fun is that! Super cute way to give a small gift. There were also some truffles in there, but those have already been tucked into the pantry to be put out for some upcoming holiday get togethers we have planned.

Here is the sweet little felted ornament on the tree. I plan to frame the sheep cards and sit them out with my snowman drawings that I have framed from a friend who is also an artist. It is so fun and special to decorate with art from those you know and appreciate.

I hope all the ladies had a good time. It is so nice to have people to share in your crafting passion who both inspire and encourage you. As it happened, the morning of this event I was out running some errands and stopped in to my old company. I got to see friends I hadn't in years. It was as if no time had gone by and I really loved catching up with them and seeing all their happy faces. Then, I came home to an email from a dear college friend. After having such a bad few days last week, being blessed with so many friends and happiness in one day was just what I needed. I went to bed that night full and happy with dreams of what I was going to knit and crochet over the next week flying before my eyes.

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