Saturday, December 15, 2012

When Pinterest Projects Go Bad

Remember those great super hero ornaments we were going to make for PK and the nephews. We had the glass ornaments and poured in the paint...we thought we were good to go. UGH! No matter how much I tried to drain the extra paint out of the those things, it wouldn't come out and I wasn't about to give paint-filled balls to people for their tree. But, I kept trying and trying. Even went on to the next step of making the logo stickers. Those looked like s$*t and curled and creased on the balls. So, we went and bought stickers, still a disaster and by this point I had paint on everything. After two weeks, I gave up and they got tossed in their own special trash bag. EPIC FAIL! I'm sure that there must be ways to make this project work given that the original poster had wonderful ornaments. It just wasn't meant to be for me!

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