Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Traditions....

Of course, there are more dinner parties and family time and gifts and stockings and on and on... But, one of my favorite things we do each year is driving around to look at Christmas lights. The first year we were together, I remember driving around with a 6-month-old Riley dog who LOVED riding in the car.

Over the years, we've invited various family and friends along. I was telling Patrick about one year that I went out with Carol, Tonya, and Greg to see lights. We spotted a HUGE glow off in the distance. After driving for what seemed like forever, we came upon it and cars were streaming along. It was the craziest amount of lights I've ever seen in person. After thinking about that night, we set up an evening to go out with G and T. Although I didn't get any pictures of the evening, we enjoyed ourselves! OMG. I laughed so hard at two different points that I thought I was going to crack a rib. I'll forever remember confusion over what was a pig and what was a polar bear...still making me chuckle out loud all these days later.

I've been pretty bad about photos during all our festivities and only managed a picture of the table before a small family gathering last weekend. (Can you tell I'm getting the most out of all these dishes that fill up the house throughout the rest of the year!?! Why not? Other than all that hand washing...) I guess my lack of photos could be put down to the fact that I'm too busy enjoying myself to think about the camera!

Do you have a holiday tradition that you share with family and friends?

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