Monday, December 31, 2012

Finishing Up 2012...

Back on the first of the year, I posted some goals for 2012. Time to take stock and see how I did...

1. Enjoy life more...I want to make sure we have at least one new travel adventure this year. I love to see the world and you only have so many years to do it! RESULT: Sort of...we spent the majority of June in Florida and explored some new adventures.

2. Read more. Read more. Read more. RESULT: It was later in the year than I intended, but I did get this one done. The key for me was two-fold...iPad mini and making the time away from knitting to sit and read. I really didn't use the full-size iPad as much, but the smaller mini doesn't leave my side and I've already knocked out lots of reading on it in the last few months. Best reads of 2012: Gone Girl and The Sherlockian. LOVED it! Currently reading The Big Sleep and Whose Body. Also on the reading front, I've become re-addicted to magazines. Having the electronic download is perfect and makes for entertaining time on the treadmill.

3. Finish that damn Babette blanket that has been in the works for what like 4 years? RESULT: 2012 was the magic year!!!! It is finished AND so are two other afghans. SO happy with the final blanket and the fact that I stuck with it over the years. It will feel like a big gap is missing from the 2013 goals not to have this one on the list.

4. Continue knitting out of my stash to use what I have! RESULT: Better than I expected. Yes, I still bought more than I should have, but I used up a lot of my stash on projects. Off the top of my head, I can think of three sweaters and two new Brownie Knits designs that developed out of stash yarn. Additionally, I gave away three large bins of yarn to charity knitting/crocheting groups.

Patrick wearing his "stash sweater" on Christmas.

5. out, eat healthy, drop weight... RESULT: Well, I did join a gym and walked 2 5Ks and 4.6 mile walk. I also dropped and gained the same 5 pounds about 5 times over the year. Argh.

6. Knit more finished items for the Etsy store. RESULT: This one I did not do, but that was an active decision. I found that made and posted items didn't do that well in the shop. What DID do well was posting pictures of my patterns in action and stating on various sites that the finished item was available for purchase or custom order. This resulted in my highest number of made orders and the best ROI yet. Getting just a tiny bit smarter about this business of mine!

7. Knit more finished items for myself. RESULT: I am calling this one a success. I still knitted for the business a lot, test knitted, and made a few items for the kids and Patrick. However, I also managed to knit three sweaters for myself this year. Not bad at all and a good thing given the winter we are having. All of my knit sweaters are getting heavy rotation.

Being silly around Halloween in my Central Park Hoodie knitted out of stash yarn.

8. Get my pattern collection into electronic format on my iPad. RESULT: DONE!!! All those single patterns are scanned into PDF form and on my iPad and computer. This is SO the way to have these organized. I've put them in iBooks and whenever I want to knit from them, I can use either my iPad mini or my iPhone wherever I go. I've also started only buying pattern books electronically. This sometimes limits me, but that's not so bad either as I spend less and I am VERY selective about purchases.

9. Get old photos scanned into electronic format so that I can use them in my electronic photo frame. RESULT: 50% done. I managed to scan in a lot of photos early in 2012 and then I moved to other activities and never got back to that big box of photos that is staring at me. This is the new "Babette Blanket" goal that will continue each year until accomplished.

10. Watch all the knitting DVDs I have and LEARN something from them. :) RESULT: Fail...didn't even put them in the DVD player.

All in all, I don't think I did too bad. I accomplished many of the things I set out to do on this list and many things that I didn't even have planned. As always, there is more to be done in 2013!

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