Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finished Ravi Sweater

Back in September a group of us set out on a knit-along adventure...some making the Ravi sweater and some the Iced sweater (both by the talented Carol Feller). After lots of distractions (that little thing called work), I finally got back to mine last week and whipped up the sleeves over a few days. With my green colorway, it is perfect for the holidays.

Pattern: Ravi
Needles: US 6
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight
Color: Mossay

Mods: I added some extra stitches to the body below the yoke and then knitted it straight down with no side shaping and I left off the short row section at the bottom of the sweater. I also picked up more stitches under the arms (due to my extra stitches on the body), but I decreased these right away to then get back to the pattern stitch count on the sleeves. I followed the rest of her decreases as written on the sleeves, but knitted full-length sleeves. I'm really happy with the end result and think it will get lots of wear. It is REALLY warm. Oh...and so that I could be lazy and knit in garter during basketball games, I knit the sleeves flat and seamed them (versus knitting them in the round and having to purl half the rows). The other thing I would note is that although it looked a little short in the back when I bound off, it blocked out to the desired length due to the garter (and doing a gauge swatch first :). If you plan to make this sweater, you should also check out her free short-row class at

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