Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decorating with Handmade Items

This past Saturday I was doing some work while waiting for a customer. I looked around the house to see what the dogs were doing and noticed just how many handmade items I have incorporated into our holiday decor. It was a gradual thing that sort of crept up on me.

Our kitchen table with a doily I got at an antique store years ago. 

The recently finished alpaca blanket.

The nephews and niece holiday stockings that Santa fills at our house.

A shawl I knitted this past year is adorning the dining room table. Goes great with candlesticks that I pull out each year...they were from my favorite teacher for our wedding. I always think of her when I see them. More than any other person in my life, she taught me how valuable creativity is.

Made during my cross stitch obsession. 
Reminds me of my east coast aunts and Grandma, as they all love to stitch.

My glitter tree skirt made last year with lots of hot glue and burnt fingers.

A few knitted ornaments made years ago...I love the glitter in the yarn.

Very special crocheted snowflakes adorn our tree and they were all made by my MIL.

This year, I'll be whipping up some knitted wreaths to live on the door throughout the holiday and winter months. All of these handmade items make the house feel warm and cozy. Do you have a favorite handmade item you bring out for the holidays?

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