Sunday, December 9, 2012

Churchmouse Wreaths

So, funny story...every year I exchange a knitter-related gift with one of my dear dear friends. We learned to knit together and have been friends for ages and ages now. Well, I suppose it was going to happen one of these years that we would get each other the same thing! Before going out of town last week, I went out and purchased a small Churchmouse wreath kit for each of us. I dropped it off at the house with the intention of mailing it when we got back from a short trip. We arrived home to find a large box from Churchmouse on the porch. Very confused and thinking that I might have ordered it online during some insomnia or something, I opened it to find the large wreath kit from said friend. Well, we both had some good laughs about it and in the end, it all worked out well because we had the different sizes (I had included the sweater made ornament in her gift, thus the smaller wreath).

Here is the small one. It used two balls of yarn and is on a 12 inch wire wreath. I knitted it up and did the finishing work in about 4 hours total. This one is adorning our guest bath door to welcome some of our holiday visitors. I plan to keep it up until the spring as it reminds me of snow/winter, not just the holidays.

The large one is supposed to use 4 skeins, but for me it only took under 3. It is on a 18 inch wire wreath and it worked up for me in about 5 hours. At some point, I'll try to get an evening picture of the house because the cream wreath with our green wreaths and red bows on the windows really pops out. I'm thinking this one will stay on the door until spring as well...and isn't it just screaming for an IU ribbon to be added during basketball season? One I can pin on and remove when I want just the plain wreath. I just love the wreaths and I took the extras from the third ball and made a yarn ornament for the Christmas tree. The fourth ball will be knitted into garland that is also included in the pattern. Here is the link in case you want to order a kit of your own.

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