Monday, November 26, 2012

Vintage Find

This past weekend, I got to spend Saturday morning with a good friend. We ventured to the Indie Vintage Marketplace and then to sit and knit and talk and knit and talk and knit and talk! We never run out of things to discuss. At the marketplace, we walked up and saw this piece. The price was nice and low, so it came home with me to live in the family room. Isn't it cute as a button? It is hard to tell in the picture, but the artwork is actually pretty large. It measures 31Wx22H! Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. After the Christmas season, when the decorations go away and my Unique Sheep blanket comes back out, it will go perfectly!

The three-dimensional aspect of it is, of course, something that I love in home decor yarn pieces. Stitched on burlap with what looks like worsted weight or embroidery yarn. Maybe sometime in the future I'll try to make coasters or something that would match.

Little lady bugs in there...

There are even some crocheted elements on there.

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toastyyak said...

Ooo, these are great! Reminds me of two my mom made years ago. Mushrooms, and then Princess and the Pea, with each mattress a different stitch. I need her to dig those up so I can put them on my wall.