Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Another turkey day has come and gone and I don't think we will soon forget this one. It had a bit of a different flavor this year... There was the traditional family get together on my side of the family. R, of course, was the center of all attention with his cute "Cheese!" posing for the camera. I think for years to come he will be reminded how he carried around his Nemo fish and refused to put it down.

On actual Thanksgiving Day, PK and I participated in the Drumstick Dash. If you live in the Indy area or will be here for Thanksgiving, this is a fantastic event. The enrollment fee goes to the local charity that helps feed those who would otherwise go without. This year had over 15,000 walkers/runners. We did the 4.6 mile walk and the weather really was great for November in Indiana. 

Everybody was in such good spirits and it really felt like a thankful feeling was all around us. After our walk, we ventured home to a seafood feast, a nap, and putting up the tree/decor. 

It was so yummy!!!! Shrimp, salad, clam chowder, oysters, and crab legs...oh my. We could easily eat seafood most nights of the week. If only we didn't live in a land-locked state. We even relaxed so much on Thursday that we braved some shopping mid-morning on Black Friday. It was after all the madness had died down and we got that waffle maker we just had to have (ha ha). But, we did cross several gifts off the list. Now, it is back to work for me as I knit on mitten and bootie orders. Knit on!

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