Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunflower Wreath Hints: Part III, Wreath

You know the saying of good, better, best? This ran through my mind as I was shopping for foam core wreaths for the Sunflower Wreath project. There are a variety of options out there. While any of them will work for the wreath project, there are levels of goodness...

  1. Good: green foam that are flat on one or both sides. Although I like the green option and even the flat on one side for ease of hanging, I would rather go with a different option than use the green but flat on both sides. You really need the round edge on the front.
  2. Better: white foam and round. While green is hidden easier, I'd rather go with the white if it meant getting the roundness. I've made several with white and it really doesn't come through unless you are an inch away and looking for it.
  3. Best: green foam and round. 

Here is the back side of the finished wreath where I seamed it closed with a single crochet finish.

It appears that those of us in the US are lucky when it comes to foam wreaths. They are readily available at all of the big box craft stores. Although I do find that Michael's is the best about having the green and round ones in stock. Typically, you can find them in the floral area.

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