Thursday, November 29, 2012

Basketball Fun and Lots of Mittens

Around our house there are really two sports seasons that get and college basketball. Our first "unofficial" date and the first time that we held hands (oh la la) was watching a NCAA game. When we decided not to move to Florida this year, we agreed that we would make sure we went to a few IU games. We were super lucky to get tickets to the IU/UNC game. After Patrick's day of work, we headed down for the night. I loved seeing PK in Assembly Hall!!!

Of course, I've been working on orders over the past, well, three months really. The last week and a half, I knitted these seven pairs of mittens. They are headed to lots of lucky ladies and should be nice and cozy. All were knitted on US 7/8 needles and are out of Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy. Super happy to have gotten them completed so I can concentrate on some fun knitting over the next couple of weeks.  How is your holiday knitting?

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