Thursday, November 15, 2012

Art Day

Today we had a date day. With some extra days off work to take, we planned what turned out to be a day full of art. PK went with me to the monthly watercolor class. He enjoyed himself and he ended up liking my piece more and I liked his more!

I left the geese off and my barn looks a bit childish, but I like the rest of the piece. Patrick did such a good job with his shadows!

After art class, we went out to lunch and had a YUMMY butternut squash soup and a lobster/brie sandwich. Oh my...wonderful! After walking around for a bit, we ventured back home and started working on these Christmas ornaments. It is a project that I found on Pinterest and instantly thought of my hubby and nephews. I already had the frosted bulbs, so we only had to purchase the paint. 

We colored the inside of all the bulbs with paint. After they are dry, we will print out different super hero logos and place them as stickers on the front. The original post was all super hero logos, but we plan to have a few cars ornaments and a girl-themed one, too. I was feeling bad that I hadn't thought to buy a non-boy color for E when I looked in the Batman grey that had some Spiderman red draining into it. I thought, mix it and see what color it turns. I got this lovely purple/pink shade that also has some marble effect to it. Perfect! Now to get those super hero finger puppets started while this dry...

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Meg said...

Such fun! Love that you do artsy stuff together. The ornaments sound fun too. Can't wait to see them! :)