Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alpaca Blanket is Finished!

It's DoNe!!! Back in September, I found this lovely alpaca at the Gettysburg Farmer's Market. Having just visited with Carol, who was knitting the alpaca ombre blanket, I grabbed up various colors and planned to wait to cast on until November. I made it a little bit into October before I couldn't stand it and casted on. Between the projects I've been knitting for Brownie Knits orders, I would spend a little time each night knitting on this project.

Every time I would work on the alpaca blanket there would be a yorkie snuggled under it. This day, it was Riley, but Kiki was never far behind.

I have a fair amount of the cream left over that I am hoping to knit into a cowl and a pillow cover. It was just so great, I couldn't resist saving some of it for other projects. It is SO super warm. Even if you sit on it for a few seconds, it warms up your bottom!

Pattern: Our of Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Needle: US 10
Yarn: Julie's Alpaca yarn in various colors (sportweight)
Mods: I only did 1/2 the stitch count and 2/3 length because I didn't have the same yardage.

And, oh, I put out the Holly and the Ivy shawl as my table centerpiece for the holidays. The light did a number on the color in this picture as it is a real true red. It looks so sweet with the candles on it. Ready for our feast on the 25th. Might have to host a little get together before then, too!

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