Saturday, October 20, 2012

Project Update

While I've been knitting away on some new patterns, I have also been working on some of my for fun knitting. Mostly, I've been rotating between Ravi, Deep Water, and the Ombre Alpaca blanket.

I was going to wait and start this blanket in November, but I had a string of days with massive sinus migraines. This project is great for days when you can't think, but need the knitting to relax you. The pattern is from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts or something like that. (Note that there is no way I think this is a fast gift knit!) So far, I've knitted up three skeins of the alpaca I got in Gettysburg. It is so soft and warm and cozy. I'm knitting is on US 10 needles. Kennedy is already trying to claim it. While I am knitting, she will sit under it and get toasty.

Deep Water is moving along so slowly. It is the last project I pick up right. I'm not sure why as I really like the pattern and the yarn. I guess someone has to be picked last! While I initially thought I would have both DW and Ravi done in September and then mid-October, I didn't plan on all the for sale knitting and new designs that I have had as of late. Those are all GREAT things for Brownie Knits, so the sweaters for me get done when they get done.

Ravi got a lot of attention on the drive to PA and has been a big focus this week. She is ALMOST long enough. I need to decide soon if I will do a straight down bottom or put on the short row section at the bottom. I think I will wear it more if I leave off the curve-hugging short rows, but I love that aspect of her design. What to do...what to do...

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