Saturday, October 6, 2012

Penn Trip 2012

Every year we drive the 10 to 11 hours to visit my Dad, Grandma, and extended family. For the past four or five years, it has also included attending a wedding. This year was no different. My cousin got married on the Sunday night we were in PA. Although it was rainy and forced them inside for the ceremony, it was still all very beautiful and left me energized to come home and put up fall decor.

The tables were decorated with some mason jars/empty wine bottles filled with fall flowers and peacock feathers. It was in a village and the old barn setting was perfect for the fall weather.

This little guy drove the tractor that pulled in the daughter of the couple. She was such a good baby all night. Rolled on in and even slept during the loud music.

The guest favors were little jars of jam. This is the first wedding I have ever been to where almost every guest took the favors! The seat next to us was empty, so we scored three jars. Can't wait to have it on some toast next week.

Such a beautiful cake decorated with fall flowers. 

The sister of the groom and her niece.

The flower girl tossed mums and leaves.

This is my favorite shot we got with our camera!

It was a beautiful ceremony and setting. I really enjoyed getting to sit and chat with many cousins, aunts, and uncles. Although we were only out for 2 days of visiting and 2 days of driving, we felt like it  was a full vacation. Tune in over the next few posts for more on our trip!

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