Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PA Food

Whenever we head out to PA to visit my family, there are certain foods we always get. Foods you either can't get in the Midwest or you only let yourself have once a year. Many of these foods, all of them actually, remind me of being a kid and our summer trips out to Grandma's house. I still remember the first time I took Patrick out and he witnessed a crab-fest. It is the ONLY food that I eat faster than him. A practiced skill...

Easily my favorite food in the world. Nothing else like steamed Maryland crab...

The everything dog from Famous Hot Weiner. Remember that once a year rule! 
But, damn, they are SO good. 

And my favorite chips in the is such a good thing I can't easily get these in Indiana.

For me, these foods bring back memories of time with my family and all of those who have already left us. I can see everybody gathered at my Gram's house or my Uncle/Aunt's lake. All of my cousins who have gotten married over the last five years are pictured in my mind as kids, with Jen and I (the oldest girls) being followed by the younger ones. I remember how it felt to drive through Maryland and how that meant we were close to seeing Grandma. 

Now, with Patrick, these trips and the accompanying foods are something he looks forward to, as well. It makes me smile to catch him sneaking a look to see how I am opening the crab. How he fits right in with my family and patiently drives the 22 hour round trip at least once a year. And, it warms my heart when I hear him talking to Gram and hear him call her Grandma. So, yes, we enjoy the actual food, but I also enjoy the memories--old and new--that are formed around those meals.

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