Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Water Color Class

I so enjoyed my water color class last month that I decided to sign up for October. It's such a nice little break to get out of the house and try something new. Last month, I wasn't totally happy with my butterfly. This month I went in with a little more relaxation and tried to not be such an "in the lines" gal.  I surprised myself by actually remembering some of the techniques the instructor showed me. AND...I even mixed some colors up to get the right shades that I wanted.

I learned how to make the happy trees after that first just looked like green blobs. My favorite part of this piece is the reflection portion. Super happy with how that turned out and it was the part I was most relaxed while I was painting. Given more time I would have added some more detail to the dock and maybe tried to paint the chairs a color. But, the method of keeping the chairs white was also a new technique to me that was interesting. I cannot remember the name the instructor used, but it was a masking "tape" that kept the white of the chairs and the trunks of the trees clear of paint until we were ready. Then you rub it off and paint those areas or leave them white.

SO excited for next month. It is a barn/fall scene that is smaller in scale, but has lots of detail. I am most excited about it because Patrick is going to take the class, too. Should be a fun day!

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