Friday, October 12, 2012

House Days...

This past weekend included one of "house days." If you are new to the blog, our house days are times that we set up on our calendars to get things done around and to the house. Otherwise, it is too easy to always put things off. So, a dreaded house day...while you are doing the work, you are unhappy. But, the good side of a house day is the satisfaction of a job well done and enjoyment of the finished result. This particular house day was to:

Finish up Patrick's bathroom upstairs...we had painted it earlier this year/added new fixtures and lights/replace the countertop and Patrick installed a new floor a few weeks ago. It still needed trim nailed down and the other trim repainted where it was pulled up for the new floor. I also changed out the white rug and vent for green and tan. Added a vase of fresh fall flowers and cleaned everything.

SO much better than the 20-year-old flooring that had some black marks from the old washer.

Paint the utility room and hang some hooks. Can I just say I HATE this room? It is tiny and is our room from the garage to the house, i.e. the dumping ground for dirty shoes, the trash can, and storage for drinks, mops, etc. A fresh coat of paint was definitely needed and I wanted real hooks in there to hang hats and mittens. I put hooks and a paper towel holder on the get organized items list before vacation. We discovered that an ironworks store we liked had reopened outside of Gettysburg. Love his stuff and we got these functional treasures while there.

I did let myself go off the shopping list to get this cross. Isn't it lovely? I hung it in our front room where we put our Christmas tree. Thought it was appropriate.

While PK painted and wood glued down trim downstairs, I cleaned the entire house, including shampooing the couches! I loved our couches when we got them 3 or 4 years back. Then, the dogs lived on them. I pulled out our 15 old plus Hoover shampoo vac, loaded up on super hot water and some oxyclean. Three and half hours later, they were clean and drying. Would it work? Would I have to pay someone to clean them? Ugh...

IT WORKED!!!!! I was so happy with the result. What was quoted at $250 to $500 for cleaning was FREE, except for the 2 gallons of hot water! Now that I know how well that worked, I'll be able to clean them on a regular basis as the dogs dirty them up with their little paws.

Of course, I also added a few fall decorations as we went. Tis the season for the pumpkin and sunflower invasion...

I'm happy to say that there isn't another house day (other than normal weekly cleaning) until spring! On the list is cleaning out and painting the garage and painting PK's office. Hopefully, the list stays that short. Given our 2012 list that was at least two pages, those house days sound awesome! Time to settle into our tidy home for the fall and winter!

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