Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alpaca Alpaca Alpaca

During a recent visit with a great friend, she showed me the Ombre Alpaca blanket she was making out of the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. It was so simple, yet oh so wonderful. I kept thinking about it after we left and for the entire week. "Wouldn't it be nice for our guest bed?" and "Wouldn't it be so nice to knit this winter when it is cold?" I continued to think these questions all the way to Pennsylvania on our long weekend trip. We had Saturday morning free, so we headed up to Gettysburg to a shop we like to look around and, well, stumbled upon the farmer's market. After resisting the urge to stop on the way through, I couldn't resist on the return trip and had PK find a rare parking spot.

Years ago, I remembered getting a skein of alpaca from a booth on this square. It was a gift for a knitter friend. Maybe, just maybe, she would be there. And...she WAS! It was impossible to select just one skein or one color. But, not if I made the ombre! I loaded up my arms and smiled at her. These babies were headed home with me to become our guest blanket.

Isn't it gorgeous?!? I didn't get the yardage listed in the pattern, but I plan to make a smaller blanket, so that's fine. And, I'll probably end up with the top cream section being much deeper than the original pattern, but I loved that yarn the most so I bought two extra skeins of cream.

Each tag from Quarry Critters comes with a picture on it telling you the names of the alpacas who "donated" to the yarn. Adorable! I think my favorite is Banditt in this photo. Julie (the owner) and I had a nice little chat and it turns out that she is setting up a shop link via Webs so that you can get her lovely alpaca, too! You can see her cozy stuff and story at

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